Gaelic poetry in the eighteenth century: A bilingual anthology

(Association for Scottish Literary Studies)

Gaelic Poetry in the Eighteenth Century Author Derick Thomson
Isbn 9780948877193
File size 18.1MB
Year 2003
Pages 211
Language English
File format PDF
Category Poetry

Book Description:

Being interested in Gaelic literature, and wanting particularly to find out about eighteenth century poetry in the language, I felt that here was a book that would feature a wide variety of Gaelic poets and their poems. A marvellous opportunity to increase my knowledge of Gaelic poetry of the eighteenth century and of the tongue itself. My Gaelic isn't brilliant at the moment and I don't have a very wide knowledge of the literature but I'm sure that this book will help in my improvement. It was a must, buying this book; it certainly covers a wide range of poetry and gives a great deal of information about the poets themselves. I'd recommend this book for anyone interested in eighteenth century Gaelic poetry.


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