5/3/1 Forever: Simple and Effective Programming for Size, Speed, and Strength

005bcc0c_medium Author Jim Wendler
Isbn 0692858237
File size 18MB
Year 2017
Pages 282
Language English
File format PDF
Category Fitness

Book Description:

Although the writing in this book can be confusing at times, it is full of great programming that has helped me progress in lifting. 5/3/1 got me into the 1000 lb club, so I'm expecting this book and its routines to help me go farther.

5/3/1 Forever is all about programming your total training; this includes mobility, jumps/med ball throws, your main lifts, supplemental, assistance work, conditioning and recovery. As always, each part is broken down and addressed in a simple, easy to read/implement manner. This allows the trainer, coach, athlete or lifter to program his training according to the goals. There are many training programs included and paths you can take that allow for millions of different variations and will keep your training fresh and moving forward for decades. These PROGRAMS NOT TEMPLATES are completely outlined, explained and include main lifts, supplemental lifts, assistance lifts and conditioning. You will also learn how to effectively transition between the programs. Also included is the very popular and incredibly successful Krypteia program; this is being used by high school athletes for building size, speed, strength and power. Football, basketball, track and baseball players have all used this program with great success. There are no pictures in this book and there is no fluff. This book requires a working knowledge of the base 5/3/1 Program and philosophy. If you don't already own 5/3/1: The Simplest And Most Effective Training System For Raw Strength - you should get it.


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